Our Greater Fairfield Board of REALTORS® membership is a part of a grassroots lobbying effort in our country. We are, in part, an advocacy group that champions the right to responsibly acquire, possess, use, and freely transfer real property. The non-partisan REALTOR® Party is focused on the issues that matter to consumers, property owners, and the real estate industry. In addition to protecting and ensuring the rights of property owners, we successfully advocated for the elimination of proposed Buyer Conveyance Tax legislation at the state level in Connecticut, among other key issues affecting Connecticut residents and property owners.

However, it is often the legislative proposals and ideas that you don’t hear about that are the most important. REALTORS® lead the way in safeguarding our communities in large part by addressing issues and legislation to create fair housing affordability, encourage smart growth, and promote educational opportunity for all. We collaborate with representatives and local leaders regarding real estate issues, monitor key activities in local government affecting housing and homeownership, including promoting responsible development and growth of our communities, and support candidates who align with our values, regardless of their party affiliation.