Greater Fairfield Board of REALTORS®



Own it, Keep it!'s goal is simple - to promote wise and responsible decisions regarding owning and keeping a home by offering information and resources to prospective home buyers and home owners alike.

Own it, Keep it! grew out of a need to help prospective home buyers understand how to buy a home - where to start, who to talk to, and what to look for - and then, once they owned a home, how to keep it. It seemed that what these home buyers and owners needed was an organized plan to follow and helpful resources to call for answers to their questions. So three of us, one each from the Connecticut Association of Realtors®, Inc. ("CAR"), the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority ("CHFA"), and the U. S. Department of Housing & Urban Development ("HUD"), pooled our information to create this simple, but informational, website so that home buyers could navigate the path to buy a home, own a home and keep it.