Greater Fairfield Board of REALTORS®

Thank you for this opportunity to be your 2017 President of the Greater Fairfield Board of REALTORS®.

Some time ago I was asked to help the Board with the planning of the holiday party.  I helped out, we had a nice party, and I stuck around and kept being of service, and today I am your President.

REALTORS® are part of an industry that is made up of professionals who are out there working and volunteering to make sure that the industry that shapes our careers and which gives us the platform to be of service to our clients and to our community, is protected and is preserved. Advocacy for property rights is paramount.  For me, the benefit of being involved with our Board, is that I have a greater understanding of the work that goes into keeping our industry on track and preserved, and I don’t take it for granted.

In my time as your President, I will be focusing on REALTOR® involvement in the community. During my time as a REALTOR®, I have found that there are many ways that I can use my REALTOR® skill-set to help my community, and so I will now be harnessing that skill-set to get the Board into a place of more engagement with the community as a source of information and advocacy for REALTORS®, and for the community.  I invite you, our member, to join us; we always need help, and we always need you.  Give a call to the Board to find out ways that you can be of service – you never know where it might lead you!

Lastly, I want to urge REALTORS® to be safe out there.   Safety is something we sometimes forget to put first as we are on the run most of the time.  Take the time to think through a safety plan that works for you.  We want all of our members to be safe and sound.  Safety first!

Stephanie Barnes, President